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Sugar Flowers - Calla Lilies

Calla lilies make beautiful bridal bouquets ; on their own or in a spray with white lilies and roses.
They come in white , burgundy and purple colours with large yellow pistils.

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What difference does a spray of expertly crafted sugar flowers make to a wedding cake? A world of difference!
Sugar flowers are essential to transform a decorated cake from being an ordinary cake or dessert to become and an excellent centre piece; indeed a cynosure for all eyes in any occassion.
The client would be satisfied with the wedding cake and the cake decorator derives pleasure and pride from the art.
Calla Lilies with White Pearls wedding cake.

Calla Lilies Spray on Wedding cake

At weddings, apart from the Bridal Gown , the wedding cake is the other major attraction in any wedding ceremony.
The "Quick-fix" and cheaper alternative is using fresh flowers or silk flowers to decorate cakes.
However,when using these, there are risks of food contamination from the silk, fresh flowers and their leaves which the professional Cake decorator who wishes to avoid litigation by running foul of Health and Safety Regulations would prefer to avoid.
When decorating cakes for close friends and families, amateur cake designs and quicker options are good enough.
Presenting quality, hygienically prepared foods to the paying public is the best policy for any cake decorator.

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