Saturday, 17 October 2009

Oriental Lilies

There are pink , white , yellow, fuchsia and orange coloured Oriental lilies, but the Stargazer and Tiger varieties stand out of the lot. They truly are exotic!
I derive immense pleasure from making them for cake decorations because they add "aplomb" to any cake .
Stargazer Lily.

Oriental lilies consist of six petals and five stamens framing a pistil in the centre. The stamens tips are usually heavy with rust-coloured pollen and the pistil is light green with a dark green tip.
To make them in sugar in the right form ,you have to capture all the flowers' details. Be prepared for a labour-of-love in making this sugar flower. It is time-consuming and you need to acquire the sugar artistry skills to do it justice.
The petals are cut, individually, with a lily cutter from thinly -rolled white flower paste and then insert 1/3 length of white 26" gauge wire into each flower petal.
Then the petals are shaped with a Lily Veiner and frilled with a Ball Tool.
Drape them to dry on a petal former for 24hours.
Thereafter , each petal is hand-painted to look as much as the real flower.
You would need to make at least 3 extra petals for each flower because the petals have the tendency to break when making them and taping them together with floristry tape.
Each section of the flower should be allowed to dry for at least 24 hours before assembling them by taping together the six petals ,with the stamens and pistil in the centre.
Oriental Lily buds and leaves should be crafted and taped to the flower stalk to complete the sugar flower.
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Stargazer Lilies look beautiful in Sugar Flowers sprays :

They also add a beautiful finish to a wedding or any celebration cake:

Tiger Lilies

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