Saturday, 8 May 2010

Sugar Flowers : Peonies

Peonies are extremely popular flowers .They appear as large blossoms on peony shrubs or Peony trees , in the Spring or early Summer.
The flowers of the herbaceous peonies can be red, pink or white and every shade in between. There are also hybrid peonies with yellow, lavender and orange flowers.
There are approximately fifty species, more than 5,000 herbaceous cultivars and hybrids and in the region of 600 or more tree peonies.
I made these sugar peonies in pink and white coloured ruffled blossoms and buds , with burgundy-tinted , green sugar foliage .
Recently , this Sugar Peony spray made a lovely garland decoration on a 3- tier Wedding Cake.

Sugar Peony Leaves and Buds
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Sugar Peony Flowers
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Sugar Leaves, buds and flowers arranged in Peony spray
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