Friday, 8 August 2014

Celebrations Galore !

Hello friends.
I believe you've had a pleasant summer , so far .

I have had a good summer; busy one , yes, but fun and joy-filled.
It' s been a busy time of  one celebration after the other for me  and you know what that means !
Events , decorations  foods, cakes , snacks and loads of goodies for me  to prepare.
I have had fun doing all of  them  .

Here are some of  my recent projects .

 1. 14th Birthday Cake - For a certain Bespoke Gentleman .

This special cake was  for my nephew 's 14th birthday party in July .
David has been a source of joy and pride to his parents , to his entire family and friends .
His life from day one has been filled with a series of  God- given testimonies of  beautiful and glorious events of  David's excellent achievements and of  God's special favour and many blessings upon him.
David was wonderfully- made and as he grows into manhood he will continue in the light of the path of his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ , always. Amen
Therefore, I named this cake "Colour  Me as Wonderfully Made! "
It is a bespoke Cake for a Special Guy , indeed.  
This is a 12inches square -shaped cake made of  seven ( number for perfection ) layers of strips of light cake dough in seven different colours.
The 7 layers were baked separately and then sanwiched togeher with pure white-coloured butter cream.
Then the cake was covered with pure white sugar paste ,  with a blue ribbon around the middle .
The top edge was decorated with blue/white Royal icing piped in large Double Scrolls; cake base was decorated with white and light blue icing piped  in star- shaped design around the base .
The foot balls and green grass design on top of the cake were hand- made using white/ black and green colours of soft sugar modelling paste respectively .
Darling, I know ! I should've also made an  X-Box design to put on the cake top. Even after your Dad gave you the latest one as your B-DAY present, huh?!

2. Wedding Cake - July 2014
 This is a four-tier fruit cake covered with pure white sugar paste and blue ,silver and white decorations.
The  couple chose a colour theme of silver / navy blue and pure white as their Wedding Day colours
 Therefore the cake colours were co-ordinated in those colours with the other wedding decorations such as  the drapes, ribbons ,ballons and  flowers for the tables and chairs in the church and reception venues.
 The cake layers were decorated with  heavily embossed white piping , white sugar flowers and white jewels and were topped with bouquets of sugar roses in shades of blue and silver with green sugar flowers.




3..  Sandwich Cakes with Fresh Fruits , Beads and fruit Jelly decorations 
 I call this one " Bejewelled Summer Fruit Medley ".

I made this  sanwiched with strawberry jam and whipped double cream.
Then covered it with a ruffled strawberrry -flavoured Buttercream icing and assorted coloured edible jewels .
Finished it by trimming the cake base with pink  flower paste pleats decoration .
Then topped cake with assorted fresh summer fruits .
Hmmm... ! The cakes  went down well as desserts for my dinner party. They were gobbled up in minutes!

 2. Sandwich cake covered with Fruit Jelly ;decorated with quartered pink icing piped shells design.

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