Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Chocolate Sandwich Cake
This piece is made of two 8 inches round layers of dark chocolate sandwich cakes filled with white chocolate.
The cake is covered with dark chocolate icing. To decorate the cake top,cover with white chocolate icing. Make two piped chocolate roses ; using stiff
dark chocolate icing. Then decorate by making swirls with chocolate chips and place the two roses in the centre .
Put finishing touches on cake by piping with white chocolate icing;
the "Fleur-de-lis" design around the top with a No. 5 tube and inverted shells around the base.

Strawberry and Cream Gateau
This excellent dessert is an 8 inches Victoria Sandwich cake filled with fresh straw berries and White Creme filing.
It is covered with soft butter cream and topped with fresh straw berries.
Almost missed not taking a photo of this one because it was reduced to mere crumbs,under 30 minutes after it was decorated !

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