Friday, 7 August 2009

Balloon Fantasy Flowers

Balloon Fantasy flowers come in simple and intricate designs, depending on the requirements for the occasion. Roses, lilies , fuchsia tulips and orchids can be made with balloons .
Basically , in balloon artistry, precision and symmetry enhance the beauty of the design .Well-designed balloon decorations do add glamour to a venue when they stand alone or are made into bouquets for table or wall decorations.
How to make a Balloon Fantasy Rose .
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For this design you will need:
1.Set of at least a dozen 11" red latex balloons.
2. 2 dozens 18" floral wire.
3. Floral tape.
4.A packet of 260Q balloons in assorted colours.
5 A packet of leaf-green 8" baloons
Bend wire into two and inset into one 11" balloon .
Stretch balloon to base of bent wire and tape balloon base firmly to wire.
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Bend wire in balloon to form rose petal as in picture.
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Make six petals.
To form the centre bud for rose, roll 2 11" red balloons together and snip off their tops. Place in centre of petals and tape them together to form a rose.

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Tape petals and bud together to form rose .
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Be adventurous with colours to make unique designs.
Make at least 2 roses to form a bouquet of balloon fantasy roses.
2nd Rose

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Use 260Q balloons to make curly- wurlys in yellow , navy blue , red and cream colours and balloon ribbons and twirls to match fantasy roses.

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Tape the roses , curly wurlies , balloon leaves and twirls together to form a balloon bouquet.

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This design is ideal as a table centrepiece decoration for banquets and weddings

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