Friday, 7 August 2009

Balloon Flowers

These balloon designs are ideal as decorations for walls and pillars, or as attachments to balloon garlands and floating balloon clusters. They are popular designs for children parties and other celebrations or even as home decor to liven up the walls.
How to make balloon Daisies.
To make this design , I used a balloon sizer , balloon pump and 5" Qualatex balloons in gold, dark blue, orange
and green colours and 260Q
1. Inflate 5" balloons to 3" size. Make 5 gold, 1 dark blue , six orange and three green balloons.

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2. Use gold balloons to make a round cluster of 5 and attach blue in the center to form a 5- petal daisie.
3. Make a round cluster of of 6 orange balloons. Attach a cluster of 3 green in their center .
4. Use 260Q balloons to form bows and attach to daisies.
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  1. Fabulous Tina thanks for sharing how to make them. I read further down too and the cakes look yummy. Jean