Sunday, 19 July 2015


Cup cakes are desirable treats  which are very popular as after-meal desserts or as snacks for tea or coffee time and for sharing at  parties. 
I am tempting you with too much sugar , you say ?
Well , they are indeed tempting ; but so are all the other good foods and drinks which we consume every day . Whether we like to admit it or not , cakes are in high demand as popular treats for all events. A cake slice or a cup cake , once in a while is good enough for anyone.
Avoid the temptation of  eating excess of  sugary drinks , sugary and salty foods or eating too many cakes . I don't eat them in excess  and I encourage people to avoid that..
Occasionally , I find the time to enjoy doing one of my best hobbies -  which is Baking cakes and Cake Decoration . For me , cake decorating is therapeutic, fulfilling and rewarding , as such , it was FUN-TIME  for me when I baked and decorated  dozens of assorted cup cakes for someone's Summer Garden Party, recently.
I  made these ones with two batches of cake mixes with much reduced sugar ; a sponge mix and a fruit mix - I prefer glace Cherries cake mix .
 Both cake mixes were flavoured with vanilla and strawberry flavours and slight traces of other flavours.
Then I decorated each cup cake with butter cream icing which I piped into roses and edged each rose with piped frilled shells designs
The final touch to each cup cake was adding variegated leaves made with floristry paste designed in lovely summer colours and then a sprinkling of coloured edible crystals
You would agree with me that cakes look "bland and sad " and they are not presentable in public gatherings without the special finishing touch of beautiful icing!

I am happy and encouraged when I see the look of appreciation on the faces of people when they see and eat deliciuos and beautifully decorated cakes and I am pleased to hear their expressions of delight - -"Oooh!" ,  "Aaah!", You made these ? Fantastic! These are simply gorgeous ! !"
Well, which cake decorator wouldn't appreciate that ? 
Yeah ? Thumping my chest? Hmmmm...!
Thank you ! Have a glorious Summer!



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